Fall Season 2015 – Mid Season Impressions

Sup my fellow losers. Sorry for the lack of content this month, been busy trying to do some job hunting. Spoiler: It’s not going well. Unhappy to say I’m not dead. But anyway we’re about half way through the Fall Season already. Damn! Time fucken flies only when you don’t want it to. So I figured I might as well give my opinions of everything so far. A few animes I’ve dropped since my initial first impression post because there either stupid or they actually resemble other animes this season.

But lets dive in to the mix:

76034Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water) | Status: Dropped | Episodes Watched: 4

This honestly resembled Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (Cavalry of a Failed Knight) in such a way that I accidentally saved over the wrong review script. It’s unbelievably crazy how much these two are alike. Both of them are adapted from light novels. Both of them have Tsundere supporting roles! Both are set in a battle school setting. And to top it off! We see both male protagonists walk in on the Tsundere while she’s changing in the first few minutes of both first episodes.

I am not lying! And not only did they start out similar they have the same type of vibe. There both set in battle schools. The students fight each other with guns or swords. But, one of them did something very different. Something so different yet so small. But something that I am undoubtedly grateful for none the less. Keep reading to learn why.

75940Heavy Object | Status: Loving it | Episodes Watched: 7

Though the animation for this is average, it’s the story that I love. It’s a slightly new take on the Mecha Genre. Though a very unorthodox looking mecha is involved in this the action is rarely seen from the mecha. Instead we have two heroes fighting on the ground and using tactics and their wits. I honestly get kind of a Metal Gear Solid vibe from watching this. They actually infiltrate enemy strong holds and sabotage shit like Snake does in the game. And like I said above. In this sea of clichés even the tiniest Island has a treasure on it. I just made that up on the fly.

There is action here too! Machine gun fights and cool tech the two uses to get the job done. The way the story flows and the situations unfold is rather suspenseful making this a rather thrilling watch. I love this so far and you can expect a review of it upon it’s completion.

76208Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! (Komori-san Can’t Decline) | Status:  Short but Sweet | Episodes Watched: 7

The episodes for this are short as hell. Like 1 minute long (two if you count the credits) and I hate it because this is actually really good. The characters are just so damn adorable and the humor is ripe. I love it regardless of its short length, it’s just a bummer. It’s a slice of life anime about a girl who can’t turn down the requests of her classmates. That’s the gest! It isn’t for people who want plot or highly dramatization or any of that.  It’s all about good natured buffoonery. Which is why it’s so enjoyable and that I hate that the episodes are so short. Regardless I’m still watching.

76049One Punch Man | Status: A bit weird but good | Episodes Watched: 5  

This is one of those animes that takes the otherwise serious concept of super heroes and makes it funny. A “super hero parody” if you will. It kind of gets me that the main character is pretty much invincible with absolutely no weaknesses to exploit. As far as I can see anyways. But the sheer comedy and way over the top fight scenes are just so awe inspiring that I love everything about it. The main character is a moron and oblivious to the fact that he basically holds the power of a god in his fists. While I prefer it if it were a bit more serious at times this is turning into one of the better shows this season.

Defiantly still watching.

76493Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (Cavaly of a Failed Knight) | Status:  Romance Done Right | Episodes Watched:  6

As I said above I dropped Asterisk in place of this because not only is the overall presentation slightly better, the main male lead hooks up with the tsundere half way though and the two aren’t bitter bickering morons throughout the entire 12 episodes. Thats the only reason I love this! I know stupid right.

But think about it for a moment. How rare is this? The only time I’ve seen a guy and a girl hook up halfway through a series is Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online. That’s it. I really don’t think I’ve seen any others. Two characters being in the friend zone is the overly cleche norm and I’ve grown quite sick of it. We actually get to see two characters as a couple and work together through there turmoil’s throughout the series rather than at the very end. It’s rare. It’s new. And it’s oh so good! Hell yeah I’m still watching.


76116Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru (Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation) | Status: Everyone Loves Bones | Episodes Watched: 6 

A take on the mystery genre that keeps everything fresh by not focusing on just murder victims! The plot sometimes focuses on anything from paranoid people thinking there paintings are cursed to trying to stop a potential suicide. The main woman is a damn genius and would be the love of feminists everywhere as she can debunk the most complex of shit and practically goes into a psychosis when she fails to figure something out.

Shit this women could be L’s birth mom she’s so fucken smart! There is a little bit of suspense here and there to while dealing with various threats that I’m not going to spoil. Anyways this is a very interesting show and should be on everyone’s list if they like mystery. Great stuff!


75467Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou (Attack on Titan: Junior High) | Status:  Love Hate Relationship | Episodes Watched: 6

This is stupid! Pure and simple! This is a spin off that takes everything I like from Attack on Titan and makes it adorable.

And it pisses me off that I like it!

It’s just to fucken adorable. Everyone’s favorite characters have been turned into god damn chibi’s and the humor actually makes me giggle. There are some points where I actually cringed watching. Like that moment where Jean finds out that the one sending him love letters was that grandma titan.

Really I think the only reason I’m watching this is because it’s based on Attack on Titan. I guess I love the series so much that I’m willing to watch any shit that comes out of japan that has the “Shingeki no Kyojin” label. Am I really such a fan boy that I actually love something that I would normally have dropped immediately? Apparently I am.

76071Subete ga F ni Naru (Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider) | Status: Awesome Murder Mystery | Episodes Watched: 6

This is one anime that nails the creepy closed space mystery theme perfectly. Everything from the eerie music to the way they distort the face through the camera angels,  the highly complex plot to over all mystery. The story is smart as it shows us a murder that is extremely hard to solve because how the victim was killed would normally be impossible. And the two lead characters are interesting in a sense that there both geniuses who are bored by anything or anyone else that’s illogical or stupid.

I love the over presentation and the quality. It’s one of those animes that are great for the older folks as well. It’s shaping up to be the best show this season.


76211Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai (Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon) | Status: Pretty Decent | Episodes Watched:  7

This anime would have to be the bottom of my watch list. It’s yet another school battle anime and it hinges on the edge of average. The only thing I really like about it is the magic is done in an interesting way. I mean there are special sniper rifle rounds that are used to kill a soul and books that make people kill themselves to fucken charms and seals. Plus the animation quality is a small step above the other average anime this season with rather nicely done fight scenes. Though low on my list it’s still worthy of my time.


76125Young Black Jack | Status:  Interesting | Episodes Watched: 7

This is about surgery so the premise is already alluring. An anime diving into something like surgery just sounds intriguing and above all different. There have been animes about making manga and animes about making anime, but now we have something true to life. It goes into almost every illegal thing to do with the practice. The main character isn’t even licensed to do actual surgery but hes excellent at it and does it anyway due to the fact he wants to save lives, pure and simple. The animation could be better if anything and I think it would have been better if Madhouse picked it up. But that’s a different matter. Still worthy of my time.

So these are the ones I’ll be reviewing. If I have enough time to get to them all that is. There the ones that really stick out and might be interesting to a lot of you fucks. If you don’t like at least one of these then you my friend have shity taste. You should stick with Reality shows and other American shit like the Closer or fucken NYPD Blue.

Either way stay tuned for my reviews. Which are going to be video reviews finally as I finally got some shit figured out. I now know the type of format I want to use. And speaking of which I started another YouTube channel. I know, I KNOW! I said I was starting a boycott of YouTube. But honestly this was started on a whim and I don’t expect it to stay up because I plan on posting a video as to why people should use YouTube. The channels here. You can subscribe if you feel so inclined but I’ll say again: Do not expect this channel to stay up!  

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Stupid Gun Owner of the Week – High School of the Fucken Moron

For those of you who don’t know, I think most American gun owners are among some of the stupidest mother fuckers in the world. As of November 7th of this year there have been 11,238 deaths as a result of gun violence. 600 of which were children below the age of eleven. American gun owners are one of the reasons I’m a such a fucken weeaboo. Check out my “Why I Don’t Like Gun Owners” spiel under Rants to find out why I believe your stupid as hell for owning a gun.

And since I’ve neglected to post I might as well start ranting about some of the stories of stupidity I find circulating around the net. Not just gun owners, all stories featuring stupid morons. Gun owners are just the tip of the ice burg. But I might as well start with the story of how a 16 year old high school student was caught showing off a gun to his friends at his public school. PUBLIC SCHOOL! He was of course reported by a student – good man – and was later arrested. And though I haven’t heard details regarding if he was actually charged with anything I’m pretty sure it’ll be a lenient service due to being minor or some bullshit. He’ll probably get a maximum of a year in juvenile detention and be back on the streets where he’ll be swinging around guns again.

And the funny thing is that this isn’t the first incident involving kids with guns. A few days prior, officers had to be called to the very same school after two teens pulled a gun on another student. And guess what you would think that a kid deserves to be locked up for at least a year for doing such a thing. Aiming a firearm at someone should honestly be automatically punishable by such means. But nope! The two are out on the streets after posting bail. Now there able to brag around town about how they got away with pointing a gun at a fucker with only a few days hard time spent. Funny that is. Why? Because there just kids? Because kids shouldn’t be tried as adults?

I wonder why this little freak had to show it around school? Most likely because he felt the need for a power trip. If there is anyone who feels powerless it’s a fucken high school kid. He wanted to instill fear into his classmates so they didn’t mess with him.  and make himself feel big and strong. I for one commend the kid who fucken tattle telling on this little prick. It’s doubtful that this kid learned any lesson from this.

And my favorite aspect of this story is how this article didn’t mention how these little tikes got the gun. Fearing that all the anti-gun dickheads like me are going to . I’m willing to bet a million that they got it from the parents or some ammo sexual neighbor who bought the gun at a gun show for a lowly $500 and felt no need to keep it locked down.

“I can’t protect myself if its in a safe.” would probably be his bullshit excuse. Yeah just leave it out for some kids to fuck with. It won’t get no one hurt. And then I’m sure they’ll be the morons who say “He was responsible as it wasn’t loaded.” It’s a fucken school safe zone we’re stupid kids go to hopefully become smart, dickheads.

Never going to accept any bullshit excuse from a parent or guardian when it comes to owning a gun with their kids in the house. You dumb asses obviously can’t leave it out for your kids to screw around with and I’m sure you’re to much of a paranoid pansy to keep it locked up. Let me guess. Robbers right? Quite being power hungry pricks and buy a taser.

Source: http://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/crime/2015/11/04/boy-16-arrested-bringing-gun-school-milltown/75181758/

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Fall, 2015 Anime Impressions – Kind if Disappointed.

Hello all my fellow assholes, geeks and freaks! Your probably wondering why I haven’t been posting much, or maybe not. I couldn’t give any less of a fuck if you miss me or not. But the reason if you are wondering  is because I’ve been busy analyzing this Seasons anime. I’ve torrented all of the newest fansubs and given most of them the good old fair three episode treatment (if I could tolerate them for that long). And after spending time with most of them I can say with good conscious that I’m somewhat disappointed.

Most of the shit this season is either second seasons to anime I didn’t watch (or anime like Hidan no Aria that I never got to finish) or moe blob shit that I couldn’t care less about.  There are of course a few gems that stood out from the rest. I am going to continue watching or at the very least give a further chance. But honestly this season isn’t looken all that bright.

Keep in mind there are some that are not even on this list meaning I didn’t even give them a chance. I didn’t download anime that looked to childish or cheesy as I looked them over on anichart. Plus I don’t have time to download each and every single one let alone watch all of them. I omitted ones like Brave Beats or Osomatsu-san because there title cards or trailers looked idiotic. I’m only covering the ones that I myself have downloaded over the past month. If your favorite anime this season isn’t on here – or is one I dropped – then you probably have a really lame ass taste in anime.

Regardless, let’s get to the run down!

76111Comet Lucifer | Episodes Watched: 2 & 1/2 | Status: Dropped.      

So throughout the first 3 episodes of this I wasn’t at all impressed. Honestly this doesn’t surprise me when I think about it. This is an original work by 8-bit studios and they are mediocre at best. They’ve produced a lot of shit that range from generic to flat out fails. Most noteworthy include the atrocious Infinite Stratos and the average Busou Shinki. The only exception in their entire repertoire for me is The Fruit of Grisaia. While it was a cliche harem it at least was humorous and had a lot of redeeming traits.

But here there is nothing exciting nore different. The animation is average. The music is average. The setting is average. There is not a single thing this anime does different or has something new to offer. It’s just another fantasy mecha series. To be fair I will say that our protagonist is a little bit different. He’s into science and doesn’t really get all that flustered or stupid when in the presence of women – at least not to an annoying extent – and takes the initiative to act when shit hits the fan.

But then we get generic mechas and a retarded girl that pops out of a crystal and immediately clings to said protagonist. Then we see her acting like a gitty little moe blob moron in his place of living while all of his friends and family watch in stupidity. But what really broke it was the appearance of that annoying little green creature and the little shopping trip they went on. But again, at its core it’s just so damn generic and average that I found nothing special about it and it board me to tears. I’m going to have to pass.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (The Asterisk War) | Episodes Watched: 3 | Status: Giving it a Chance.

I would say that the world is the most intriguing aspect of this. What with the whole “worldwide disaster changing the world” thing. It was so captivating that I was actually thrilled for the first 10 minutes. But then the realization that this was a standard harem sunk in. About two minutes in we see our first (partly naked) member of our protagonist’s steadily growing collection of bitches.

And guess what! Turns out the first girl is a hard core Tsundere! At first she is what I like to call “the bitch cunt princess”, up and attacking our protagonist  – after thanking him for retrieving her handkerchief mind you –  and later asking him to kill himself as a means of atonement for the peep show. The second girl is none other than our elegant speaking student council president trope followed by a Kuudere childhood friend.

But at its core this is just another school battle anime. It’s all about students fighting each other in duels while beating up thugs on the side. And don’t even get me started on the weapons they use. They look stupid and some of them are 3 times bigger then the person wielding them. When I first saw one of the characters pull out her “grenade launcher” in episode 2 I rolled my eyes. And get this…there sentient! The weapons choose their owners and everything! Isn’t that just grand! What does that remind you of?

Honestly I don’t really know why I’m giving this a chance beyond 3 episodes. It just has this unique flair that gets to me. But it’s a very faint flair. I guess I just like seeing our two lead characters but heads and act stupid. If anything it’s entertaining. But I can say for sure this is far from “good”.

I was hoping for more since this is A1 Pictures we’re talking about. The very same studio that brought us The Flower We Saw That Day, which was an original work. Plus they made the anime adaptation of the Sword Art Online light novel, as well as my personal favorite From the New World. This studio is seriously hit or miss with their projects. It’s either a hit or flop and no in between. Either way I’m watching this on a whim. If it doesn’t do anything new soon I’m going to drop it!

75751Hacka Doll: The Animation | Episodes Watched: 1 | Status: Dropped.

There is nothing that annoys me more than Moe done wrong. It’s a very hit and miss thing with me to. I have criteria that I can’t really put into words. It’s either all good or all bad for me. And this is it done badly. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much to begin with because of the words “The Animation” attached to the title. When you see that it usually means 89% of the time it’s based on a toy line or some third party tech that uses anime characters as mascots. Hacka Doll is just another case of this trend.

For those of you who don’t know Hacka Doll is a real life news app developed by DeNA, a Tokyo-based company that possesses some of the most popular cell phone gaming in the world. The app allows a customized feed of news for each user and filters the news according to the users’ personal interests. With daily use the app automatically analyzes and learns which news articles the user reads and continues to automatically personalize the feed.

So really this anime is just a marketing scheme meant to sell phone apps. Honestly I never see the appeal of a company making an entire 12 anime to inform people about their products. A few animated commercials would do just fine. Why go to the trouble and waste profits on something like this? The only acceptation to this in my eyes is anime’s like Danganronpa that’s based on a mystery video game. That was made by creative people who wanted to tell an actual story. Anime like those have deeper thought put into them and much more memorable characters that can’t be found in any phone app.

As for the show itself, the first half of the first seven minute episode shows the three main mascot girls getting chewed out by their boss before heading off on their mission to improve the life of a user. They pop out of her cell phone and make cute poses while introducing themselves and annoying the person whose life they are supposed to make more comfortable. Like I said, I Love moe shit if it’s done in a straight forward fashion. K-On and Lucky Star are two of the best examples of this. But this here is just pure wack job buffoonery. I dropped it almost immediately.

75940Heavy Object | Episodes Watched: 3 | Status: Still Watching.  

I know this may sound stupid, but I honestly got a Metal Gear Solid feeling while watching this. I mean let’s analyze the story and the way it’s executed for a moment. While this is indeed another mecha anime this actually does something different. The focus isn’t on two pilots fighting each other in mecha suits. Our two hero’s fight the mecha on foot! That’s right, on foot! They use there smarts and there tactics to immobilize them and sneak into bases to sabotage enemy shit. Just like Solid Snake when he sneaks around and fights the Metal Gear.

While you might think of it as a small difference I – who have been watching the same boring recycled mecha garbage since Gundum Wing in the late 90’s – find it HUGE. And it’s not just the attention taken off the mecha that I like. There are tons of smaller details to this. For example there is this moment in the second episode where one of our two main heroes is searching for a woman who had gotten captured. He plugged what I believe were earbuds into a mic on his gun and aimed it around to determine the position of enemy soldiers. Its tiny shit like that that makes me believe they were trying to make this different. Hell we rarely – if not ever- see the action from the pilots seat of the actual mecha. It’s all from the perspective of the two guys on the ground with nothing but rifles and there smarts.

If anything I should be thanking Kazuma Kamachi who wrote the original light novel this anime is adapting. If you don’t know who Kamachi-san is you’re an idiot! He wrote the original A Certain Magical Index novels and authored its spin-off manga A Certain Scientific Rail Gun. So this guy is a god damn genius writer whom I respect.

But not everything about this is flawless of course. There are things that are flat out retarded to. I’m refereeing dominantly to the protagonist. In the first episode he is tasked with saving a girl who is getting crushed by her mechas harness. But by doing so he has to put his hands near her tits to unhook it. A notion that makes him freak out and hesitate. It takes him so long that the girl is forced to save herself by ejecting from her unit. He is literally that useless if it involves tits or naked bitches. And the funny thing is that when she is later captured by the enemy he picks up a rifle and heads right off to rescue her without a second thought. So basically this guy well go above and beyond the call of duty and risk his life as long as it doesn’t involve touching a women’s rack. Pretty stupid, but not enough to offset the good this anime does for me.

I could go on for pages as to why I’m loving this. But that would be a waste of your time so I’ll save it for my review. All I can say now is that I’m definitely still watching this.

75765High School Star Musical | Episodes Watched: 1 | Status: Dropped.

When I heard the title of this I immediately thought of the High School Musical movie by Disney and almost puked. Luckily I was wrong…to an extent. When the anime opens we see a guy watching another guy dance elegantly and sprout wings. At first I was like “Okay…No homo?”

But after the opening credits segment I realized that this was still all about music, which I find boring. The basic jest is a guy applies to an academy that specializes specifically in teaching song and dance. And for some reason as the dude enters the school students who happen to be the schools top musicians perform a dance choir combo for all their peers. It was something that I felt came almost out of nowhere to be honest. I will give this credit for being a nicely animated dance and song, but I took no interest. Plus this takes place at an all-boys school by the looks of it so there is not much room for proper romantic drama unless it’s all going to be homosexual relationships. And after that shit at the beginning it wouldn’t surprise me. So I couldn’t really get into it and decided to pass on it.

76261JK Meshi! | Episodes Watched: 1 | Status: Dropped.

It’s an anime about cooking that looks like it was made in Micromedia Flash 8. Nuff said.

76208Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! (Komori-san can’t Decline) | Episodes Watched: 3 | Status: Giving it a Chance.

As I said with Hacka Doll: The Animation above, there is nothing that annoys me more than Moe done wrong. Well, this is moe done right…Sort of. It’s a simple little slice of life comedy based on a Yonkoma manga (コマ漫画?, “four panel manga”, or 4-koma for short) about a high school girl who can’t turn down the favors asked of her by her classmates.

First off the episodes are short. All of them are two minutes (technically one since the credits are included). So the first three episodes alone will only take up a total of 6 minutes of your time at max. But the way they show it is really charming. First off the character designs are funny. Komori-san is massively taller than her two humorously short friends which is funny enough, but her boobs constantly play as a background joke as well. They bounce about on the boxes she carries or she nudges them as she holds up her umbrella.  And her friend Masako has drained looking eyes combined with her nonchalant sarcastic attitude while her other friend Megumi possesses the twin tailed hair style covering one of her eyes which is usually reserved for tsunderes. Hell even her mother has her eyes closed looking tired and emotionless.

And the topics the characters discuss as well as the fansubs (thank you Mori Subs) make it just naturally humorous. I like the part where they talk about ass. Despite being short I’m liken this. Wish they were longer, but either way this is worthy of my time.

20712-8z4qo79xVZUULance N’ Masques | Episodes Watched: 1 | Status: Dropped.

The first 1 minute and 40 seconds of this made my eyebrow crease. Basically we have a girl that looks like a toddler (not sure if she is one; anime likes to make older characters look young. Watch Lucky Star! Believe it or not all those characters are high schoolers) exercising on a playground. When she falls off a high plateau a boy takes notice of this and dons a mask and cape (that reminded me sadly of Sailor Moons Tuxedo Mask) complete with a stupid looking lance weapon and saves her. After which he kisses her hand in the standard gentlemanly heroic fashion. I was turned off from the beginning.  Not watching.

76049One Punch Man | Episodes Watched: 3 | Status: Still Watching. 

What can I say about this? It’s the good kind of corny.

Madhouse is my most beloved studio. They have produced almost all of my favorite anime. So you can probably understand why the second I see that an anime is made by them on AniChart.net I’m almost guaranteed to watch it. I am devoted to them to the point of seeing it as a duty of sorts. They’ve made most of my favorite anime so I owe it to them to watch whatever the fuck comes out of their asses. But the thing about most of their big hits is that they have little to no humorus plot lines about them. Such as Black Lagoon with the Pirates and Death Note with their Gods of Death. So when an anime they make turns out to have a high dose of comedy you can imagine how I would be a little bit staggered.

First off the animation; the fighting in this anime can kind of be compared to Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann in terms of environmental destruction. A single innocent life left alive in the aftermath of some of the fighting in this anime would be a god damn miracle. The powers of these beings are almost god mod like, especially that of the main character. The tenderly named “One Punch Man”. A character who can literally take out a giant rock monster the size of a god damn empire state building with a single punch.

And character designs themselves are so far out there that you can’t help but stare at the screen feeling almost ashamed to watch. This would be a perfect anime to watch stoned as you’ll be seeing villains ranging from Crab Man to fucken Ape Man to fucken Mosquito Women. It’s literally that insane. I giggled while watching some of these freaks in action. And I don’t even smoke grass. Not to mention a lot of these characters are pretty fucken stupid. I mean one of the antagonists (there are a lot of them) kills his own creator because he misunderstood the simplest of orders. And our main hero himself is pretty dumb to. It’s supposed to be a Super Hero anime but he becomes a superhero for fun. That’s right! For fun! Not because of some past trauma or anything. He is basically a poor bald guy who lives in a single room apartment and does the whole hero thing as a hobby. And the one hero who you would think is supposed to be intelligent ends up thinking that our bald protagonist is amazing and asks him to be his master. Its comedy that’s trying to be serious. Not only is this Madhouse’s work but it’s also just lovably cheesy. Defiantly on my list.

76493Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (Chivalry of a Failed Knight) | Episodes Watched: 3 | Status: Giving it a Chance.   

I honestly got this and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk mixed up while writing this. Mostly because there roughly the exact same thing give or take a few key differences. First of all both of them involve walking in on a girl while she’s changing within the first few minutes, both are set in battle school and both are adaptations from a light novel. Wow, what are the chances?

The only real difference is that the animation is better. When the characters aren’t fighting its pretty average but when certain characters show off there skills or shit gets serious the animation takes a turn for the better. Plus the characters are a fraction better then Asterisk. I’ll either drop this or Asterisk half way through depending on which one impresses me the most. Stay tooned on that.

76116Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru (Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation) | Episodes Watched: 3 | Status: Still Watching.

This anime is awesome because it features one of my most favorite concepts: Dead humans!

To be more specific…there bones. The show follows a young boy as he pals around with an older woman who happens to have a serious bone fetish. She collects and assembles the bones of animals all the while serving as a freelance detective. As usual this is an awesome anime as it features a unique setting. Being based on a mystery novel it’s naturally full of intrigue as almost all episodes deal with a dead body or two, ones that are almost always decayed to the point there is nothing but skeleton. There are also other factors that add to the intrigue including suspense. In the second episode there is a drug addict trying to kill everyone for example.

The animation is crisp and beautiful and some of the characters possess their own traits. While everyone is grossed out or frightened when they find a corpse, the women puts on a smile. To her it’s the start of a brand new adventure. There is of course the plot hole in the form of them just somehow stumbling upon a new dead person every episode. But I guess without such coincidences there wouldn’t be much of a story. Loving this. Going to keep watching.

75467Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou (Attack on Titan: Junior High) | Episodes Watched: 3 | Status: Still Watching.

When I first heard there was going to be a chibi’fied version of Attack on Titan I nearly puked. To take such an epic box office hit anime with a live action movie, miscellaneous merchandise, a following of millions and make it cute is unfathomable.

This is childish as fuck! Seriously! This is something that you could air on nickelodeon. All you would have to really do to make it nick friendly would change the blood they momentarily show here a different color like what they did with Mr. Popo in the 4kids dub of DBZ. Serious as shit!

And that is why it makes me so god damn angry with myself that I like it!

There are a number of things that make this enjoyable. For one the characters. Each and every single one of them is adorable. There personalities have changed to fit with the setting: Junior High School. For one, Mikasa is cute as hell instead of a psychopathic bitch that can’t function without Eren around. And Eren himself is angry with the Titans because they eat his lunch. Yes you heard me right. And Armin? Oh my god! He is more of a wimp here than ever before. He’s unable to function without his blanky. No joke.

Everyone else is here and they are different to an extent. Hange Zoë is a science geek still obsessed with the Titans but is overly flamboyant about it. …Well okay she was always flamboyant about the titans. But here she collects there fingernail clippings and shows them off all gitty like. And the Titans themselves don’t eat humans, instead they steal the kids lunches. Like I said: Perfect Nickelodeon material.

To be fair, there are still some jokes and references to the original Attack on Titan anime. Such as Mikasa framing Sasha Blouse for a fart to get the drill instructor dude to lay off. Which if anything are homages to the original that should be praised. I mean hell the opening theme of this is homage to the original opening of the same said anime. So I guess if anything you can watch for the references. There fun to spot out.

While I feel this shouldn’t have been done I still love it. Am I such a devoted fan of Attack on Titan that I’m willing to watch this moe blob bullshit? Apparently I am.

76071Subete ga F ni Naru (The Perfect Insider) | Episodes Watched: 3 | Status: Still Watching.

This is hands down the most compelling of all the shows this season. It’s adapted from a 1996 mystery novel by Hiroshi Mori who also wrote Sky Crawlers. And being based on a full on mystery novel the animators did what was obviously required and made this feel like a true murder mystery. The music is ominous and they knew how to present everything to make everything as creepy as possible. Granted things don’t get serious until the end of the second episode where the corpse actually turns up. The first two episodes are all about setting up the characters and the back story. So its starts slow.

The characters are unique in a sense that they are all intellectuals on some level or are just awkward. The main cast thus far is all collage students – a refreshing diversion from high school kids, no? – taking a trip to an isolated island where a teenage prodigy genius has been exiled due to bizarre and eerie circumstances. Though our two leads kind of left the other students half way through the second episode. I don’t know where they are now. Speaking of them, our lead girl has an infatuation with our lead guy. And let’s just say that the guy is a clueless introvert and leaves you wondering how on earth the girl could like such a man.

As I said above with Asterisk, A1 Pictures are hit and miss with their projects. This is a definite hit. And I am indeed going to watch it to the end.

76211Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai (Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon) | Episodes Watched: 3 |Status: Still Watching.

Out of all the average anime this season, this one would have to be on top so far. First off while it’s about school magic…again. This executes it in a fantastic way. The characters basically police the world of magic and hunt witches and warlocks. For one the magic itself is awesome. I mean I book that makes people commit suicide if they read it? Pretty dark. And not only that, the animation and fights are awesome. In the first episode one of the bad guys summons a mecha – yes I know ~yawn~ – but the two characters dodge the gunfire, take cover behind walls and shoot at it with handguns, twirl around it with sparks and bullet casings flying everywhere. It’s awesome!

As for the characters there actually rather likable. There are some that fall into tropes like useless and moronic sniper who shoots at the wrong targets and the bumbling squad leader and the tech bitch that directs and feeds them info from her van. Then we have the main female lead who is unique in the sense that she is after revenge but is ruthless. She actually wants to kill her advisories if they commit extreme wrongs rather then adhering to some moral compass. This leads the fuck up and bumbling fool of a protagonist being forced to restrain her and keep her on a leash.

All and all this is very well done. Though defiantly not the best it’s defiantly above average and worth my time. Looking forward to more.

76125Young Black Jack | Episodes Watched: 3 | Status: Still Watching.

Again! A unique setting! It’s about a man trying to become a surgeon. The story and setting puts fourth some awesome scenarios for every episode to play out. Each one deals with a different scenario dealing with underground or illegal means our protagonists has to go through in order to save a life. The themes include everything from drug addicts and organ harvesting to kidnap and extortion.

The funny thing about this though is that since this is an anime about being a surgeon there is not a single drop of blood shown so far. Which I guess might be a good thing as it might be gross and blood curdling for some people. But the animation style in general is something that I think should have been done differently. The studio that made this just doesn’t fit with the theme of the anime. The studio adapting the manga this is based on is Tezuka Productions, who honestly I had never heard of until now. Probably because they’ve done some old shit like Astro Boy to some resent average stuff like Kids on The Slope. The wacky hairdos of some of the character designs and just the colorful flair it gives off just doesn’t match the setting. This IP should have been taken up by Madhouse. They would have done a spectacular job with this kind of theme.

Still, this is solid enough a watch to warrant a few more episodes of my time. Just because I think the animation style is a bit off doesn’t offset the fact this is a story unique to anime. No battle school, mecha or harem aspects to this. It’s new. Plain and simple! Still watching.

75640Dance with Devils | Episodes Watched: 2 & 1/2 | Status: Dropped.  

This is a bit similar to High School Star Musical above as it features characters singing. But the difference here is that it featured things that I like in a story: Dark Magic. So I wanted to give it chance. But as it went on I realized that this is a reverse Harem. For those of you who don’t know it is a regular harem but with reversed roles. Instead of one guy being surrounded by a bunch of girls, it’s one girl sounded by a bunch of guys. Meaning this is targeted towards Fujoshi.

And again… this is a freaken musical. The characters sing twice or sometimes thrice in every episode. Everything from the characters introducing themselves to watching the main heroine walk to school is accompanied by everyone singing. And they sing even during combat while there using magic to slay their enemies. I’m not interested in characters singing when there in the middle of a fight. It’s dumb. Then there’s the reverse harem thing. Sorry but I’m going to pass.

75879Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans | Episodes Watched: 3 | Status: Still Watching.

I was honestly going to pass on this because Gundum is what practically started up this now dead genre. But right before I started downloading all these animes a fellow blogger told me that it has a lot of similarities to 1996’s Gundem Wing which was honestly the best Gundum anime I’ve ever watched. And now that I’ve spent three episodes watching it I say to him…are you fucken retarded? This is nothing compared to Gundum Wing or its conclusion movie Endless Waltz.

Still however I find it slightly enjoyable because they don’t start out in the traditional Gundum like suit but instead fight with sleek looking tank like units. And it has truly suspenseful combat. The way they cut between different characters weather on the battlefield or in the base is so fast past and smooth that it really feels like they are in a ligament war zone.

The characters are diverse and there are a lot of them ranging from soldiers to technicians to princesses and the main emotionless guy. Some of the character designs are kind of off putting since the spikey hairdo of our main protagonist and some of the other characters look like something straight out of Pokémon.

But then the actual bipedal mecha appear and then I’m like “Oh boy, here we go! Time to go full genre” If it gets to mainstream I might drop it half way through. But as of right now I’m enjoying it. Going to keep watching.

23512Peeping Life | Episodes Watched: 1 & 1/2 | Status: Dropped.  

I thought about dropping this one immediately because the animation and character designs look retarded as hell. So much so that it made me curious and want to run a search on the entire anime. Animelist.net stated it as “a comical depiction of the pitfalls of Japanese society”. As a weeaboo who loves japan more than his own country I figured this might be a little educational for my irritating white ass, so I give it a chance.

Basically the entire anime is a sketch comedy. Each episode is a collection of up to three to four comedy segments depicting various standalone scenarios. At first I didn’t realizes what the fuck they were trying to accomplish with the first scenario but when we enter the second one I started to grasp the concept. A women – or super hero in this case – is trying to get her bike fixed but gets into an argument with the repairmen over men being rational while women are emotional. And it ends with her hitting him because he charged her for the repair.

This is actually really interesting as it seems to be going into common problems in Japanese society while at the same time trying to be funny about it. Kind of like what South Park does here in the west. While I still tried to give it a chance watching it made me cringe a few times as the way they executed the concept was just overly cheesy and just flat out dumb. I dropped it half way through the 2nd episode. I guess if you want to see comical depictions of problems facing Japan then this might just be worth a watch, but as for me. I’ll stick to my usual news feeds.

76046Shin Atashinchi | Episodes Watched: 1 | Status: Dropped.

First 10 seconds looked stupid as hell. Not Watching.

76542Shomin Sample | Episodes Watched: 1 | Status: Dropped.

The first 50 seconds is all you need to realize this is a harem. A single male student is on a podium with the entire audience – which is almost the size of an opera house – being female. If I was to guess the ratio I would probably say 1 to 2,000. As it turns out the dude is kidnapped and forced to attend an aristocratic school whose student and faculty are all female.

Why? Apparently this highly aristocratic and expensive prep school doesn’t know how to teach there girls on reacting to the common people. As a result they fail at life when they graduate. Rather then simply adjusting there curriculum or hiring specialists to instruct them they instead decide to kidnap a common boy – instead of a common girl – to help teach the students to learn about commoners and there ways. I’m going to leave the idiotic reasoning as to why this guy goes along with this too your own curiosity. But as for me, I find it stupid and just flat out lame. Plus the girls are ridiculously elegant and proper, which I get was supposed to be part of the joke, but I just didn’t like it.

I love harems. I mean it’s the fantasy of every loser to be surrounded by fuckable hoes so I’m naturally attracted to the scenario. But when we have anime like Infinite Stratos that puts fourth a completely bogus plot meant specifically for setting up a harem scenario I immediately hate it. If you’re going to make a scenario where a socially awkward dork is forced to interact with sexy hoes who want to eat his giblets (or not), make it plausible! This is anything but plausible.

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RWBY is Getting a Japanese Prequel Manga!

Just when I thought RWBY couldn’t get any more popular humanity goes and surprises me. Turns out the Japanese mangaka Shirow Miwa, author of the Dogs: Bullets and Carnage manga, is making a manga that well serve as the prequel to the main RWBY story-line. The manga’s original story will be supervised by Rooster Teeth studios and the details of the mangas story is still up in the air and the only description we get is: “the mystery hidden in four trailers” presented in Japan. Whatever that means!

Honestly this is great news. I bet good old Monty is DDR’ing in the afterlife to this newest development. And I’m glade that an american animated show is getting recognition in japan. I’m hoping that this well lead to a trend. More studios producing anime-esqe shows that would honer the art style to the point it can become popular over there. Is this the first time a show has garnered such a positive following in japan? I heard Avatar: the Last Airbender did pretty good. But not on as grand a scale.

I mean if a show made here in america is able to get a Japanese comic book artist to make an adaption it has to have garnered a massive following shouldn’t it have? This could be the connecting point for some new collaborations between japan and the states.

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Ita-G Festa Car Show in Odaiba 2015

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t drive and I  probably never well drive since there are bus routes all over where I live and it’s unnecessary money spent. But damn did this impress me. The recent Odaiba Ita G Festa event held in Tokyo has revealed more fabulous “itasha” which translates to “painful car”. A practice in which Japanese otaku decorate the bodies of their cars with various anime or manga related designs. It’s sure to astound anime enthusiasts and maybe even vehicle nuts alike if there not as narrow minded as I think a lot of them are.

I wonder what you’re girlfriend would think if you picked her up in one of these? She’d either hate you or love you thats for sure. It’s a real black and white thinking kind of thing. I think its a given that she should like anime before even considering something like that. I of course didn’t watch the entire video because its almost and hour and half long. This is just a rip. You can watch the full video here. But they did have some pretty “sweet rides” as a lot of douchebags might call them. My favorites from what I saw is the Rikka Takanashi design at 01:09 and the Kara no Kyokai one at 02:45…..But mostly the Kara no Kyokai.

Why people would want to call this shit “painfull” rather then awesome is beyond me. Most likely some kind of conformist viewpoint that I don’t give a fuck about.

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RWBY Volume 3 Premier Sneak Peak

I seem to be posting a lot of RWBY related shit this week. But this well be the last. At least until the next ScrewAttack Death Battle. But I just have to post this because its absolutely gorgeous news. RWBY volume 3 is premiering this month. An american indie animated web series that tries to mimic Japanese anime  – and fails at doing so – but is STILL one of the best shows on the net. Here is the video showing a sneak peek as well as the premier date.  As well as another showing a little bit of what this volume might have in store story wise.

So I’m not going to talk about the previous 2 volumes. All I’m going to say is that if you haven’t seen them,  do so immediately. If you have seen and and or don’t like it then you are a retarded fool.

But in regards to the trailers there are two things are DEFIANTLY going to play out in this volume. Blake and her mentor Adam are going to either kiss and make up, or fight to the death, the later of which well result in a few sad moments. And finally that mysterious black haired bitch with the Grimm mask is going to be doing shit to/with Yang.

And since this is going to be the first portion of RWBY without the series creator Monty Oum there is also going to be a new voice for Rin. Which I really dislike. I hate it when shit like this happened. I didn’t like it when they did it with Snake in MGS5:TPP, I didn’t like it when they did it with Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z and I didn’t like it when they did it with Sado in Bleach. Because I feel when you change a characters voice actor you change a little bit of their core character. A person who previously sounded strong might sound weaker or a person who was very talkative might sound quite and depressed. But since Monty Oum, who both created RWBY as well as a voice the character, is dead I guess it makes a little bit of sense. Whatever.

And also I want there to be some background character development two with Jaune’s team with Ren and Nora. We haven’t gotten much of them other then there best friends who”aren’t together, together.” and also there are going to be some new characters open up. We’re finally going to see Ruby’s Uncle Qrow make and appearance and shes probably going to get on his nieces case about her gun scythe skills getting rusty. And then we have Winter Schnee who is probably going to be the source of a lot of Weiss’s turmoil. After all Weisse is “burdened by a royal test” And of you ask me her character design tells me that Winter is a real elegant bitch. So really the trailers tell us that we are in for some real character development this volume. For a lot of the characters, hopefully we’re going to see things take a little bit of a break between Jaune and Pyrrha Nikos. Don’t get me wrong I ship them like crazy and hope they hook up and fuck. But we’ve had a lot of the previous two volumes put focus ion them. I want to see some character development for some of the other characters.

So either way, however it goes the hype train is on full throttle. Can’t wait to see shit get real on October 24th, Hopefully I’ll see you guy there.

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So RWBY’s Yang Xiao Long is Fighting Final Fantasy 7’s Tifa Lockheart…STILL… WHAT THE FUCK!?


So it’s been confirmed that Yang is fighting Tifa Lockheart. And this even furthers my doubts that this is going to be a fair fight. ScrewAttack has loads of Intel on Tifa rather then Yang. If we were to count it by years since the release of Final fantasy 7 in 1997 there is 20 odd years worth of information for Tifa’s character while Yang only has like 2 years as the Yellow Trailer for RWBY was released (on youtube) in 2013.

I feel this is going to be Yang’s win through just pure favoritism. There is just not enough information to go on to be able to allow a fair win or loose. We don’t even know how Yang lost to Neo! Was it just pure skillful footwork on Neo’s part or was Neo using some kind of illusion semblance like A LOT of people are speculating. Hell even if Tifa beats her I still won’t think it’ll be a fair fight.

Plus there is Yang’s semblance. If it IS her semblance. I mean they didn’t even say if was actually her semblance. I have a theory about it’s weakness. We all know that the human body can only take so much stress. I wonder how much energy she can take in before it destroys her. I like to think of Yangs semblance is similar to Gokus Kaioken. The more he uses it the more it hurts him. Is it just all about physical limitations with her?

Is her weakness her temper when her hair gets pulled. Does it make her combat expertise sloppy? Anything? I can’t see anything Tifa can exploit. We already know a possible weakness of Tifa’s is speed. She couldn’t keep up with Loz when she fought with him in Advent Children and got her ass beat.


And I’ve already mentioned the whole Screw Attack dick riding Monty Oum thing. But If I was to put money on it then I’ll have to put it on Yang. Because as far as I can tell she’s invincible. We’ve only seen her ass get kicked once. And if it really was based on an illusion semblance on Neo’s part then you could possibly classify it as a fluke because she wasn’t aware. And the scary thing is I actually have put money on this. $100 bucks. And he is a huge Final Fantasy 7 fan, I can totally see him clogging a forum with curses and bitching if I should be right.

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