Shitty Start to a Shitty New Year

I figure I might as well offer everyone else a “happy” new year. So….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My new years resolution is to finally spend some of the money I’ve spent a year saving so I can buy some software to create much more interesting content. A special shout out goes to patrickbarns581 for subscribing. I dedicate this hentai gif to you.

Hentai gif of the month!


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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Test Gif

Ignore this post I’m just testing to see if I can upload homemade GIF’s. I ripped this one from a porn site and looped it in Camtasia Studio 8. ^_^

The image quality kind of went down though. Thats a bit disappointing.


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December – Going Offline For a Few Months.

So I’ve been in a shitty mood wondering what to do with this blog and making money doing part time jobs to afford some cool software to do cool things. But the money issues still find ways to find me so I’m going off line for a few mounts until I find something cool to post. I’ll still be doing Game Walkthroughs, Anime Reviews and Parodies but damn it I want to do something different! Anyway if you still like me (highly unlikely) then check back with the blog in a few months.

Oh and a special shout out to Patricia Wong for subscribing. You’re a real peach sundae with cherries and wipe cream. I dedicate this monthly hentai pic to you! Be sure to tell other nerds and misanthropists about me. ;)

Hentai Pic of the Month



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November 15th – Reviews for the Summer 2014 are done!

Enjoy all three to you’re hearts content.


Hentai Pic of the Week

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October 26th – Looking into new things to try

So I haven’t been posting anything in the last few month due to the depression of Project Eloy having failed. I’m sure most of you thought it wasn’t going to really get of the ground . Something like that just doesn’t work without cash to bribe animators with. Anyways been busy trying to make ends meet. Got some new Anime Reviews out so check the tab above for some recommendations I might have for you from this last season. And for those of you who don’t know I dropped Glasslip. It just didn’t interest me. It didn’t keep my attention AT ALL. I’ve been real disappointed with P.A Works lately (I miss Cannan).

Anyways I’ve also finished my Watch Dogs playthrough and as such is now under Game Walkthroughs here on the blog. And I’ve begun playing Alien: Isolation.




Haven’t been to disappointing with it other then the fact the Alien is FUCKING PERSISTENT AND ANNOYING! Seriously this mother fucker just kills you at the most randomnist of times. Its ridiculous!


Hentai Gif of the Week!


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September 12th Update – I’m Not Dead (but wish I was)

So I just want to let all 15 of my subscribers know that I’m not dead and haven’t giving up on this blog. I’m just waiting until I have something new actually finished to post.

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