RWBY Volume 3 Premier Sneak Peak

I seem to be posting a lot of RWBY related shit this week. But this well be the last. At least until the next ScrewAttack Death Battle. But I just have to post this because its absolutely gorgeous news. RWBY volume 3 is premiering this month. An american indie animated web series that tries to mimic Japanese anime  – and fails at doing so – but is STILL one of the best shows on the net. Here is the video showing a sneak peek as well as the premier date.  As well as another showing a little bit of what this volume might have in store story wise.

So I’m not going to talk about the previous 2 volumes. All I’m going to say is that if you haven’t seen them,  do so immediately. If you have seen and and or don’t like it then you are a retarded fool.

But in regards to the trailers there are two things are DEFIANTLY going to play out in this volume. Blake and her mentor Adam are going to either kiss and make up, or fight to the death, the later of which well result in a few sad moments. And finally that mysterious black haired bitch with the Grimm mask is going to be doing shit to/with Yang.

And since this is going to be the first portion of RWBY without the series creator Monty Oum there is also going to be a new voice for Rin. Which I really dislike. I hate it when shit like this happened. I didn’t like it when they did it with Snake in MGS5:TPP, I didn’t like it when they did it with Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z and I didn’t like it when they did it with Sado in Bleach. Because I feel when you change a characters voice actor you change a little bit of their core character. A person who previously sounded strong might sound weaker or a person who was very talkative might sound quite and depressed. But since Monty Oum, who both created RWBY as well as a voice the character, is dead I guess it makes a little bit of sense. Whatever.

And also I want there to be some background character development two with Jaune’s team with Ren and Nora. We haven’t gotten much of them other then there best friends who”aren’t together, together.” and also there are going to be some new characters open up. We’re finally going to see Ruby’s Uncle Qrow make and appearance and shes probably going to get on his nieces case about her gun scythe skills getting rusty. And then we have Winter Schnee who is probably going to be the source of a lot of Weiss’s turmoil. After all Weisse is “burdened by a royal test” And of you ask me her character design tells me that Winter is a real elegant bitch. So really the trailers tell us that we are in for some real character development this volume. For a lot of the characters, hopefully we’re going to see things take a little bit of a break between Jaune and Pyrrha Nikos. Don’t get me wrong I ship them like crazy and hope they hook up and fuck. But we’ve had a lot of the previous two volumes put focus ion them. I want to see some character development for some of the other characters.

So either way, however it goes the hype train is on full throttle. Can’t wait to see shit get real on October 24th, Hopefully I’ll see you guy there.

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So RWBY’s Yang Xiao Long is Fighting Final Fantasy 7’s Tifa Lockheart…STILL… WHAT THE FUCK!?


So it’s been confirmed that Yang is fighting Tifa Lockheart. And this even furthers my doubts that this is going to be a fair fight. ScrewAttack has loads of Intel on Tifa rather then Yang. If we were to count it by years since the release of Final fantasy 7 in 1997 there is 20 odd years worth of information for Tifa’s character while Yang only has like 2 years as the Yellow Trailer for RWBY was released (on youtube) in 2013.

I feel this is going to be Yang’s win through just pure favoritism. There is just not enough information to go on to be able to allow a fair win or loose. We don’t even know how Yang lost to Neo! Was it just pure skillful footwork on Neo’s part or was Neo using some kind of illusion semblance like A LOT of people are speculating. Hell even if Tifa beats her I still won’t think it’ll be a fair fight.

Plus there is Yang’s semblance. If it IS her semblance. I mean they didn’t even say if was actually her semblance. I have a theory about it’s weakness. We all know that the human body can only take so much stress. I wonder how much energy she can take in before it destroys her. I like to think of Yangs semblance is similar to Gokus Kaioken. The more he uses it the more it hurts him. Is it just all about physical limitations with her?

Is her weakness her temper when her hair gets pulled. Does it make her combat expertise sloppy? Anything? I can’t see anything Tifa can exploit. We already know a possible weakness of Tifa’s is speed. She couldn’t keep up with Loz when she fought with him in Advent Children and got her ass beat.


And I’ve already mentioned the whole Screw Attack dick riding Monty Oum thing. But If I was to put money on it then I’ll have to put it on Yang. Because as far as I can tell she’s invincible. We’ve only seen her ass get kicked once. And if it really was based on an illusion semblance on Neo’s part then you could possibly classify it as a fluke because she wasn’t aware. And the scary thing is I actually have put money on this. $100 bucks. And he is a huge Final Fantasy 7 fan, I can totally see him clogging a forum with curses and bitching if I should be right.

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So RWBY’s Yang Xiao Long is appearing in ScrewAttacks Death Battle Series….What the fuck!?

So Death Battle is a segment on the youtube channel Screw Attack where the creators analyse the skills of two fictional characters from anime, video game, movies, american comics etc. and create there own animated battle to see who would win. And as it so happens RWBY’s Yang is going to appear as one of the combatants in the next segment. It’s unclear as to who there going to pit her against. But honestly if you ask me. This fight is going to be seriously rigged.

For one RWBY has gone on for only 2 season/volumes and so far we haven’t learned of any vulnerabilities she might have and we have never seen her loose a fight accept for that one at the end of Vol 2 where sh went up against Neo where she failed miserably. And honestly to top it off her semblance made her seem almost indestructible. With the whole “growing stronger with each blow” thing and blocking a punch by a mecha and then blowing it up with a single punch.

That and theirs the matter of ScrewAttack dick riding Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum. They remastered one of there previous death battles Boba Fett VS Samus Aran as a dedication to RWBY’s creator upon his untimely death (may that brilliant mother fucker rest in piece). So really I’m thinking this fight is going to be another homage rather then a fair fight driven by pure analysis and thought. I would prefer it if they did this after the third season and give viewers a chance to see of weaknesses Yang might have before committing to an actual analysis of her skill. Because right now, along with almost every other character, I’m seeing her as a pure “god mod” who can’t be beat. Which is one of the shows flaws if you ask me.

So what do you fellow dumbasses think? Well this be a fair fight? Let me know in the comments or the topic on my forum.

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Yay! Another Mass Shooting! 10 People killed in Oregon

Ten people are now pushing up daisy’s after a  mass shooting on the Umpqua Community College campus in Roseburg.

As I’ve already stated, as a misanthropist I love it when people die. But still I love commenting on the irony of it all. If you’ve read my “Why I don’t like gun owners” rant you’ll know how I feel about people who own a gun, the average gun owner, people who are anti-gun control and push for more guns to be passed around and how contribute to the numerous tragedies we get on a weekly basis here the good ol “land of the free”. The funny thing is…no actually, scratch that…The hilarious thing is….nothing is going to be learned from this. Absolutely nothing. Zero. Nadda. Zelch.  No one wants to learn a god damn thing from this.

Because to gun owners this is just “the act of a single man who got nothing to do with us law abiding gun owners”. It’s really got a lot to do with them even if they’ll testify total innocence just because they weren’t the person shooting up the school. It’s the common gun owner that is making shit like this more widespread.

I mean hell, a really funny thing is that the mother of the shooter was a gun enthusiast that bragged about her arsenal. Gee I wonder where this mother fucker got the guns to commit this atrocity from? Non other then his own gun toting family member who probably had her guns nonchalantly on a shelf for him to just up a take for a little mid day rampage.

But like I said. No hate for you pro-gun jackasses. Just humor. Dead people resulted from you’re stupidity  and there for I’m tickled pink. You’re doing hate filled jackasses like me a solid.

Now contrary to popular belief, I don’t want to point my fingers at just gun owners. There just a contributing factor to these incidents. As the result of any tragedy that befalls us, fingers get pointed at every one from every which way. There are a lot of fingers pointing to it being related to Christian persecution. But there is a page arguing against that notion. Not to say that I’m not all for Christian persecution either. Christians are pretty stupid too what with all the condemning gays and passing up human pleasantries because a fictional book tells them to. Same goes with all other religions.

And then there are some people who honestly think that the image board 4Chan – one that I praise as the Internets #1 site for 100% first amendment free speech – encouraged the shooting. Apparently there is speculation that the dude posted about the shooting on the site and some of the other users mentioned a “beta uprising”. Which basically means a dorky beta male that gets spit on by fuckable women goes after doushbag Alpha males. Honestly I think it’s propaganda to get a dirty message board taken off the Internet. I wouldn’t be surprised. But honestly such an uprising sounds like a good entertaining Friday night. Let me know when and where such an uprising goes down. I’ll buy some snakes and mountain dew and munch away while watching the show. I’m far from Alpha so I’ll be safe.

But really in all honestly – and jokes aside – this is just another day in america really. I urge foreigners – especially those from civilized societies that rank higher on the global peace index – to stay away. Go to Australia or some shit. there much more civilized. Don’t get me wrong I love this country and the shit it produces but seriously…its a country of gun obsessed morons. Shit like this makes me proud to be a weeaboo.

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Some Thoughts on the Future of Metal Gear

So after playing Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and completing all of its story missions. I must say that – while I’m not satisfied with the stories end – I’m looking forward to more. But after hearing about the problems being had with Konami and Hideo Kojima leaving the studio I have my doubts about the future of the Metal Gear. According to an interview conducted by Gaz from with Konami’s  UK Community Manager  the franchise is going on without the games founder.

First of the creator handing off his creation to someone else is always a cause for concern how do we know that they’ll stay true to the games values and level of deep storytelling and other aspects. But honestly as I think about it this might actually be considered a good thing. First of all, as much as I loved Snake and Big Boss their stories are pretty dead. The story of Metal Gear 4 led up to Solid Snake being dead and the most recent game carrying on the Story of big boss even though his story was already milked dry. So honestly I’m starting to want a new character to be the focus from now on. There is always Raiden, who we only got to know through two games. And while I agree that his persona in Metal Gear Solid 2 was rather off-putting, his personality and story did a 180 in Meta Gear: Rising The whole action cyborg samurai twist on things was a real refreshing turn on things and pretty fucken fun to play to boot. But some might think that continuing the franchise in an Action based fashion would be spitting in the face of it stealth action feel. A notion that I understand but don’t agree with.

I just think that a new character would be a nice take on things. For example we know the story of liquid and Solid but what about the third brother Solidus the third offspring of the Les Enfants Terribles project. We only got one game of story with him. And while he was the villain of that MGS2, so was Big Bose in the first two original metal gear game. So playing as someone who was previously the villain wouldn’t be something new to the franchise.

A fellow blogger asked the question of whether or not the gameplay should stay the same to which I say: Why the fuck not? But honestly what’s the problem with not going both ways? Other games of mixed stealth with action if the player is detected by enemy characters and they did the same with MGS 5: TPP. What really got me is the part in MGS5 where Metal Gear Sahelanthropus breaks free from its hanger and we get a cut scene of snake running away while the enemy tries to fight it off but sadly we didn’t get to play as snake during that instance. Could you imagen dealing with both Metal Gear and the enemy at the same time? Running from metal gear while at the same time dodging enemy gun fire. Plus in the game you could take the action route but it was exponentially harder. While the game doesn’t punish you by going that route it still does in a sense. Why should you give us a failing grade (S Rank) for screwing up stealth? Couldn’t you give us a rank for a both styles? Like if we did a good job killing everything in sight you could give us an A,B or S ranking for our killing prowess and another set of ranking for our stealth. That and don’t make it so god damn punishing. In MGS 5 you were almost guaranteed to lose if you screwed up the stealth approach even with armored vehicles with armaments.

In short a new character while supporting two approaches to gameplay would be appreciated.

Discuss the Topic With My Freak Ass?

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So Parasyte -the maxim – Is airing on Toonami

One of my favorite animes of the recent seasons Parasyte is coming to Toonami with what looks like a very decent dub. Now since I’m a weeaboo I’m not all that fond of English Dubs but for once this honestly got my blood pumping. They surprising nailed the voices of Shinichi and Migi pretty well. Plus it looks like the show’s head slicing gore has thankfully been kept in. All that’s missing is cussing. I love English dubs where the characters speak vulgar. So if there is a one simple fuck then I might just love this. Or any kind of fowl language for that matter. I could totally see Shunichi calling Reiko Tamura a “cunt” due to his bitter resentment towards her. So honestly this is an English dub I might be wiling to watch. What do you fellow morons think?

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Why I Don’t like Gun Owners.


American gun owners are some of the stupidest mother fuckers in the known world. It’s a statistically proven fact that 46% of accidental deaths – including children – are committed by the so called “responsible” gun owners of this country. Honestly the people who own guns and are making kids think they need guns in order to “be safe” are one of the reasons I’m such a god damn weeaboo. In japan there are almost no gun related homicides accidental or premediated because guns are illegal there. And even without guns Japan still has one of the lowest crime rates on planet earth coming in 7th in the global piece index out of all 160 states across the globe. Whereas America ranks 94th.  Don’t believe me? Check it out:

Wikipedia Global Peace Index

In America there have been, 9,674 gun related deaths this year so far while in japan there have been only 11. That’s right 11! And let’s face it, gun owners are making this happen more often. You mother fuckers are consistently making up bull shit to keep killing tools in our houses and streets. Like the mystical home defense or hunting when there is no need for either. Or you run with the ignorant “guns are manly” bullshit like the dumb guerrillas a lot of you guys are these days.

But to be honest, truth be told, I don’t hate gun owners, not at all as a matter of fact. I just think there another group entertaining higher level moron’s. I seriously hold gun owners in the same regards as I hold drunks and druggies. There funny to watch. They can’t live without something that can get them and other people killed. The thing is gun owners are actually doing people like me a huge favor:  There getting stupid people like themselves killed.

Since I’m a misanthropist…I love it when people die. The death of an idiot is something I love to hear about more than anything. Not even buying a $2,000 winning lottery ticket would make me as happy as hearing the news of a Ghetto Black, Douchebag Muscle Car Freak or a Dumb Blonde dying an untimely fear filled death. Especially if their getting killed because of circumstances that could’ve been completely avoided if they or other people hadn’t been so god damn stupid. And let’s face the facts here: Gun toting mother fuckers are helping shit like this happen. Look at gangbangers! That shits getting tough guy niggers and Latino beaners killed daily. And I love it!

And you’re probably wondering how I can be so heartless towards people. Well, look at it from a segregated smart person’s point of view. People like me are looked down upon and ridiculed for having such beliefs: That the common average American should be banned from using firearms unless their profession requires them. And even if you’re profession does require them there is still no need to take them home with you. Apparently I’m such an ignorant fool for thinking that having no guns on the streets would make us safer. That it is bullshit to think anyone not owning a gun is just asking to be robed or murdered by some crazy prick. Or the most popular: That I’m a pussy because I’m a man that actually dislikes something that is retardedly considered “manly”.

So when people accidentally kill themselves or their family members using the same tools I get called foolish for speaking out against, you bet your ass off I’m going to laugh. It’s karma at its finest. And it’s oh so sweat. I’m like Eric Cartmen when it comes to gun owners who have lost family or friends due to their own stupid gun crazy retardation. I would literally lick the tears from the face of a man who has accidentally shot his wife with the very gun he was teaching her how to use and gloat about his stupidity while onlookers shake their heads in disgust towards my heartlessness. Why should I have a heart for someone who is gleefully enthusiastic about something that is meant for getting people killed? I love the fact that gun owners are dying prematurely. And let me guess, you don’t think this shit like this happens often?

Read it and weep mother fuckers. Most of this is pretty recent:

I’m sure a lot of you aren’t even going to bother reading all these. Who likes to keep up with current events or at the very least reading in general right? But if you honestly think that these accidents are simply just isolated incidents and have nothing to do with you. You’re an idiot. You’re lumped into the same category as these people because you have the same potential for hilarious fuck ups exactly like these just because you own a gun. My personal favorite is the one involving the women and her bra. It’s just funnier when this shit happens to women, especially if it has anything to do with her tities.

And there are also numerous other cases of accidental deaths that happen almost daily that aren’t even covered by the media. If you can’t admit that at least three people die in America every day from an accidental gun discharge or average gun violence then you people are as dumb as a lot of you look.

But anyway back to the case in point. If you’re not a cop on duty in known gang territory or a fucken soldier stationed in a foreign country you do not need to own a fire arm! So I figured I might as well have some fun and post some of the stupid arguments the average gun owners have made to me over the years. Figured I would have a little fun debunking them. I’m sure you’ll laugh at some of my statements but who cares. I’m used to you peoples bullshit.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Yeah, guns just make it exponentially easier than any other tool. Like 120x easier. With guns you don’t have to get up close and personal with your target. You cocksuckers never seem to think that it’s all a matter of fear. No way would a weak little man who wants to kill a big tough looking black guy with tattoos and muscles actually have the balls to face him in hand to hand. People rely on guns more than any knife or close quarters weapon because it’s simply easier and less of a risk. It’s much easier to kill a fucker from a nice safe distance rather then get within his grabbing range. That’s why there are so many more statistically categorized homicides involving guns then there are knives. It makes killing a cake walk.

If we ban guns, we should also ban knives and other cutting objects, explosives materials and other harmful items that could put lives at risk.

I wonder how many uses a Kitchen knife has compared to a handgun. I should try cutting cheese and making a sandwich with a Glock. Or maybe I should try chopping some lettuce with a 12 gauge tactical. Oh wait! Fire arms aren’t meant for such things. Guns only have one use and one use only: Taking lives.

A lot of people like to make a “Kitchen knife vs Combat knife” argument with me believe it or not.  And yes combat knives are used for Killing. Killing SOLDIERS!

The grip on the handle of a standard US Marine Combat knife is to better prevent from slipping out of the hand during a knife fight. Kitchen knives don’t have that. Plus the length of an average kitchen knife is longer then a combat knife and there blades are thinner because combat knives are meant to slip past rib cages to better pierce organs. Combat knives are different then standard kitchen knives. Plus there is already a law against combat and ballistic knives:

switchblades and ballistic knives are banned from interstate shipment, sale, or importation, or possession within the following: any territory or possession of the United States, i.e. land belonging to the U.S. federal government; Indian lands (as defined in section 1151 of title 18); and areas within the maritime or territorial jurisdiction of the federal government, with the exception of federal, state law enforcement agencies and the military.

Kitchen knives and combat knives are two different instruments. One’s a combat tool the others a cooking tool.

Then we have household explosives ingredients, poisons, etc and anything you can buy at a fucken grocery store. Yes there are all forms of methods for killing people. But still a lot of them are meant for specific uses other than hurting people. I see no other use for a gun other than taking a life. But who the fuck said we should focus on one thing more than the other really. Anything that doesn’t have an everyday household use shouldn’t be allowed in the home. Unless you know how to kill someone with a PlayStation or some shit this argument is bullshit.

We need our guns to protect ourselves from home invaders.

No you don’t. I myself am perfect proof of that. I’m a fat ass slow geek with no training with anything other than non-lethal weapons. But I’ve still fended off two separate home invasions – one where the prick had a knife – with nothing but an X2 Taser and a baseball bat. I ended up holding the second attacker down with my foot while I called the police.  So I won both times with NO gun. If a weak ass dork like me can take down a guy holding a knife without a gun when you can’t. Who is the real weak one here? All you need is a Taser a bat and a will to beat the shit out of someone until there entire body is one big bruise. And I’m sure you dumb asses are going to pop on with the whole “what if they have a gun instead of a knife” shit. Do you not see the contradiction in that statement? If guns were made much harder to obtain by civilian hands they would have only close quarters weapons to choose from.

And you know what! Let’s just pretend for a second that you do ever need a gun for the fabled home defense in an America where guns are abolished from citizen use. I’m never going to understand someone who thinks they need a shotgun or a semi-automatic rifle to fend off an intruder. Do you really think you need to sound off the cock of a shotgun in order to make the fucker get the picture? That you need the fucken heavy fire power of a Carbine to make one or two guys get the fuck out of your house. No, all you need to do is hold a simple little handgun – preferably a revolver – up to their face and tell them to fuck off. I’m sure they’ll get the picture. But no. One little gun is not “badass” enough right? You have to have something big and powerful. Because you’re never an american without some type of power.

Plus are you guys that daft to not realize 90% of smart criminals look for homes that are not occupied? Not only is it a statistically proven fact it’s also common god damn sense.

We are able to have guns because it’s our second amendment right given to us by our founding fathers.

It’s amazing how many of you mother fuckers don’t look at the deeper picture when it comes to history. Sure you’ll learn whatever gets your irritating ass a passing grade in high school but you dickheads never look at one little fact. What the fuck do you think it’s called “history”? The founding fathers were sanctioned around 1787 during the American Revolution when shit had hit the fan and people were killing each other left and right. So of course those mother fuckers weren’t taking into consideration peace and prosperity over 230 years later when all we want are things to calm the fuck down. They weren’t concerned with the fact weapons could become more lethal as time went on nor the fact that they couldn’t foresee all the work they put into America as long since backfired. Those fat big wigs are dead. It’s time to fucken rewrite this bullshit anew to fit with the times. Aren’t we supposed to be a “civilized” and “evolved” society?  What is civilized about living with a god damn gun in a home with four small children?

Hell did you even know that a few of those big wigged mother fuckers owned slaves?  With the only acceptation being Franklin who later abolished it in the 1790’s so if you’re a fan of them you’re fan of slavery. The use of guns being in the hands of the common people is outdated just like slavery and other bullshit of the dark ages.

Is it one of those “it’s not right until it benefits me” kind of deals?

And plus it’s called “amendment” for a reason. It can be changed. But no one likes change! It’s just to fucken scary. Gun toting dick heads aren’t able to fathom the possibility that with some fucken money and people who give enough of a fuck, the fear of guns could be completely eradicated. But no, people are two cowardly or poor to attempt such a feat. Not because of safety mind you. But because douchebags just have to have big guns to make them feel powerful. It’s not AT ALL a matter of just feeling safe.  We have to teach (or kill) the tough guys that think a big gun well take precedents over their small dick.

We need our firearms if our government is to begin a wave of tyranny.

This is by far the stupidest logic anyone can put forth. Tell you what! If you can show me how to shoot down an MQ-1 Predator drone with your pissy little 45. Cal – or at you’re best an AK47 – then I’ll believe you can take on the government. The government has soldiers and unlimited resources at their control along with the CIA and other aspects that I’m sure you (and maybe even I myself) are too out of the loop to comprehend. If you think you can take on the government with a militia of even 50 people you are too stupid to comprehend.

But honestly I think it’s wonderful to be that stupid. To think you’re invincible and that nothing can stop you. Sadly a a few of of us think logically. We’re already living under tyranny anyway. Look at the unemployment rate, the number of people forced to live in poverty, all the innocent Negros (kind of) getting killed by the cops. We are a country that is already a god damn police state. The tyranny is already here my friends and people are not standing up to jack shit. And if there smart they never will. We’re already prisoners.

Criminals are going to get a hold of guns no matter what laws or regulations are put into effect. So why bother?

You can’t simply just up and disarm citizens like they did with the Australian Gun Ban of 1996. You have to first shut down any illegal weapon vendors, closely monitor boarders to prevent illegal arms from making their way into the country, constantly monitor possible sources and crack down on the act of selling weapons illegally and lengthen the sentence of owning and selling said weapons to 20 to 30 years. If the sentence were made more severe the prices of weapons would skyrocket as these vendors are risking 20 to 30 years in prison should they get caught and charged. And finally – after all that is done – assure that the public are aware of these extreme measures and feel safe enough to let the government proceed with disarming the citizens. But no one has the money nor the patents or even the drive to push for such actions. No one’s going to pay for a god damn ship to ship barrier around the entire United States and carry out searches of every single little boat that comes passing by. It’s bad for other businesses. What money is going to go to fund law enforcement, agriculture, education, and other aspects of society that need attention when all that shit is going to gun control. And the fact the U.S. is $18.1 trillion in debt doesn’t help either.

Unless you do shit like this you can’t even THINK about disarming actual citizens. So my answer to the Australian gun ban: They were underfunded and ill equipped to do a good enough job. Just like the US. Plus, once again, no one cares enough. Everyone in this country is so gun obsessed thinking they need to have them in order to be cool. Because people think guns are just as awesome as video games and want to be the next fucken Duke Nukem. Or they stupidly think that more guns are going to protect them from guns.

But I guess it’s true. If someone wants to kill a fucker enough they’ll jump through hoops. But honesty the words “why bother to change” really gets under my fucken skin. Would you rather have gun homicides and mass shootings dropped by an acceptable 50% or a measly little 17%. Which would make you and you kids feel safer?

So why bother? Because of a few of your friends who are too afraid to leave there houses maybe. Your son you’re daughter to be free of the possibility of school shootings? I don’t know I could see a lot of things out there that could be a potential motivator for getting guns off the streets. But that is just my dumb ass

Since we’re allowed our open carry rights we can take down rampaging murderers easier.

I can’t believe people are so cowardly to think they have to have a gun to take down a crazy person or be the crazy person. Take what happened in china with a guy who recently attack and injured 8 children. Here watch the video:

Most of you mother fuckers seem to think a gun would’ve been the best solution to this. First of all did you notice that there was only one adult in that entire playground? (Unless you count the psychopath as an adult in which case I wish death upon you. That’s not an adult that’s a god damn Psycho) Where is the rapid response of the numerous adults that SHOULD have been on the playground watching the kids? Do the Chinese not take the protection of their kids seriously? Was the school understaffed?

Plus it’s a guy with a fucken butcher knife! Tell the kids to run, have adults surround him, get him into a compromising position, come up behind him, dog pile him, have the other adults help restrain him. No need for a fire arm. You just need at least five or six people with training in close quarters and a few tactics. What’s the problem? To fucken poor or lazy to learn some fucken martial arts? Cause god knows pointing a gun and pulling a god damn trigger is a lot less tiring. Lazy pricks! Honestly in my opinion if you are too scared to get up close and personal with the guy you want to kill – weather he’s an assailant or the victim – you are a coward and shouldn’t even try. Just run like the scared little bitch you are. It’s right up there with sucker punching if you ask me.

What about hunters or skeet shooting? Guns are for sport to you know!

There are the stupid little things I could say to you in regards to this. Like the fact you’re so fucken boring and narrow minded as to not find another hobby that it’s pathetic. And why the fuck would you want to go to the god damn trouble of hunting you’re food? For sport? Play fucken Football! Lots of tough douchey guys play that and it’s not a gun related sport. Are you really such a narrow minded fuck and an out doorsy exercise freak that hiking or mountain climbing just ain’t enough.

And if you’re one of those hermits in the hill types and live in a fucken cabin too far away for grocery shopping your most likely to fucken poor to pay for the utilities and mortgage let alone a god damn hunting rifle. Trust me I lived in the boonies for 12 years. My parents were  stressed with money to the point we started selling weed to pay the bills. But then again I guess if you’re a socially awkward hermit far away from larger collections of people it’s not a big deal. If that’s the case you’re really the only one at risk. Just don’t bring that shit to the big cities and fuck them over.

You’re a pussy or not a “real man” if you dislike/don’t own guns.

Oh wow! Your right! Just because I don’t want to own a tool meant souly for taking the lives of other people means I’m a totally weak. I should get a sex change then buy a wig and dress because I’m a total fag. And given the fact I’ve beat the crap out of two separate home invaders without a gun means I’m a total sissy. Shame on my white ass! Women shouldn’t feel safe with me at all because I can take down a guy with a knife with my bare hands or a taser rather than a fire arm. I’m destined to never getting any pussy once so ever because I don’t need something so many other guys need to feel confident in order to win a fight. Some big guy out there should totally fucken pussy whip me.

*   *   *   *  *

I’m sure you might think I’m contradicting myself by writing this gay little list. After all I said I love it when people die yet I’m ranting about how guns should be banned. Truth be told, I just love to fuck with the dumb pricks who honestly think guns are absolutely necessary in order to live happily in society. Like you can’t have fun or be a complete person without using guns. And to the people who think there a tough guy or a smarty pants by using ranged tools to kill/hurt someone they don’t like – when such things should be done face to face and fair and square with bare hands. Can you really call yourselves things like “brave” and “strong”? Get real!

But you know what. It’s all good. Because in the eyes of a person like me who can’t stand peoples stupidity, knowing that people like these are being killed is like therapy sessions to me. It makes me feel better knowing that morons are dying. Like I said, guns and gun owners are doing me a favor.

It’s like Comedy Central watching news reports like this. Watching people die because they just have to keep guns around is no different than watching Saturday Night Live for me. I just wrote this to point out more stupidity to be honest. I like explaining why people get on my nerves and why I laugh at them when death and tragedy befalls them. And bullets to their biscuits are the best medicine for these human baboons.

If you found this post entertaining please subscribe for more misanthropic hatred and idiocy and as always I’ll see you in my next post…or not.

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