April 11th Update – Eloy 1 in progress.

Okay Eloy episode one is underway and already we’re running into some slight irritation. For one I was planing on having Ichigo Kurosaki make an appearance in the first episode but I realized we couldn’t find a decent Ichigo model with moving facile features. So sadly Ichigo won’t be making an appearance until we find the right kind of MMD model for him. So we were forced to Untitledreplace him with someone else. Not telling you who though. No spoilers!

Aside from models we’re already also dealing with the horrors of procrastinating voice actors. Some just have other obligations which I’m not about to poke at and give them shit for. There not getting paid for this so I’m definitely going to count my blessings. And it’s REALLY weird how 60% of the voice actors I’ve recruited are female. Do men just not enjoy voice acting? Are dudes just to into the art of construction and auto repair to want to sit at a stand and record voice for animation? I dunno, give me some theories.

But regardless of setback or irritations I do have some good news. I recruited a very talented MMD animator who’s good with combat animation. So currently we only have 2 animators but as you can see there both pretty damn experienced. Still we need some more  to divide the work load up. Each episode ranges 3 – 5 minutes in length. And neither of them feel like doing more then 1 or 2. So one more skilled person would definitely be welcome. If you wish to try and apply as an animator send an e-mail to tylerjunky@yahoo.com.

Aside from Eloy a flooding of pages from the Ravian Webcomic well be making its way here. Once we put some finishing touches in pages 3 – 30 well be posted. Expect them (hopefully) by the end of the month or early May.

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April 4th update – Eloy Introduction Video finished…But I fucked up!

Hello everyone. Here with the first update of the new month of April. Kind of irradiated right now as I write this because while we did manage to complete the introduction video to Eloy, I just found out that I gave the wrong person credit for playing the main character.

I already posted it on youtube so I can’t really go back and change it. This makes me furious with myself for several reasons. Not only because the voice actor worked hard on these lines and it is of course unfair to give a different person credit for them. But because I made a mistake like this so early on in the project with the fucken introduction video of all things!! It’s like moving into an apartment and the next week realizing you didn’t pay the application fee or something. I don’t fucken know it’s just a real dick head thing of me to do.

Anyways it was VAintraining who plays Eloy, not Xane Kudo. Give him lots of praise.

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March 28th Update – Been busy doing unrelating things

Well hello there everyone. Here with an update for the 28th of March. Been busy furnishing and decorating my new apartment which sadly means I haven’t really been able to do much in the way of projects. But I do however have some news that the Eloy MMD project is nearing completion. It all depends on the animator but if I was to guess I think it should be done around next week. Here’s some screenshots of the work in progress.Image

As you can see Saber and BGS well finally make there appearance in the next and final peace of the video.

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March 21st Update – FUCKEN FINALY!!!

Finally! All of the voice work for the introduction video to the MMD parody is done. I think all of the voice actors for their work. Of course some I think more than others. Finding voice actors for this as well as waiting for them to finish their lines was starting to get very annoying. Come the actual parody I hope they don’t take this long. For eight simple lines about a week is as long as my patients will last. I guess I’ll have to make the guidelines for the voice actors very clear when I recruit in mass numbers. The voice actors I have now very in dedication. Some take only a few days while others take several weeks to a month. Hopefully once they see how good the parody is they’ll become more dedicated and in turn work little faster. The finished video should be published the week after next.

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March 14th Update – Ravian web manga series has begun

ImageHello all of my awesome friends out there, both old and new (thanks for subscribing!).  I have some rather awesome news for you all today. You’ve probably noticed that I added a new tab under the banner titled “Web Comics”. On the page you’ll find a Webcomic(OEL manga) me and an artist have been collaborating on for the past year. Only the first few pages are up since we’ve been trying to improve them. The main reason why it’s taking so long is because paying for the commission was troublesome at times due to the fact I was trying to save up money to buy an apartment. But now that I have it and am on the waiting list hopefully I’ll be able to afford more pages more quickly. And speaking of paying for the commission. I’ve opened up a PayPal account and am asking anyone interested (or simply has money to blow) to please donate and help fund the comic commission.

The steps to donate are as follows. Keep in mind you will need a PayPal account for this.

1) Log into PayPal with your e-mail and password then click “send money” at the top of the page.

2) Under “TO:” enter “tylerjunky@yahoo.com” then under “AMOUNT” add the amount you wish to send (use numbers only!!). After that select USD – U.S. DOLLARS. Then check “I’m paying for goods and services”. Once all that’s all filled out hit “continue”.

3) Once that’s done you’ll be taken to a page with the payment review. Scroll down and under “SHIPPING ADDRESS” click “no shipping required” then simply click “send money”.

The money will then go to the artist commission. Again any amount will do.

As for the MMD parody. Good news!! Some voice actors finally signed on for the roles of BGS and Saber. So hopefully the introduction video will finally be posted soon. Hopefully this month or the beginning half of next month. Included with the video will be links and instructions as well as guidelines should anyone, voice actor or animator, want to participate in the Fanime’s production.

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March 7th Update – No “Kill la Kill Review”. To bad! So Sad!

So due to the fact I was recently evicted from my current living arrangement because of an argument with there piece of shit management, I’ve been forced to dedicate a large portion of my time to finding a new place to live. That is correct, I’ve been certified homeless for the past two weeks. But recently due to a little thing called SSI benefits I found a low income studio apartment in Downtown Spokane. While its low-cost traits won’t impress me any bitches it fits my personal needs quite well. Low-rent and includes heating and WI-FI all for little over $300 a month. I fucking love being autistic! 

But sadly it’s because of this, as well as the various problems finding voice actors and all of the other annoyances in my life, that I will not be producing my third and final anime review for last season “Kill la Kill”. A true shame because it was really one of the rather more…’interesting’ anime’s of last season. How can you not love an anime about Japanese high school girls using there clothing as weaponry!? Not only is it a unique premise it’s fucking HOT!

That being said, I might review it if circumstances allow as this is a really cool anime and there are some things that I really want to poke fun at. Mako’s gittyness being only one of many. But as it stands right now a Kill la Kill review is highly improbable. And this doesn’t mean I’ve given up on anime reviewing in general, this is just a setback.

And as for the MMD Parody. There are still no updates their. Still racking my brain trying to find voice actors for the remaining two female roles. It really irritates me that after over a month and a half of posting, recruiting and scouting no two women have stepped forward with a decent enough mic. But what can you do? I haven’t given up and I plan to finish this video as well as hundreds of other videos in the future using MMD.

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