November 15th – Reviews for the Summer 2014 are done!

Enjoy all three to you’re hearts content.


Hentai Pic of the Week

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October 26th – Looking into new things to try

So I haven’t been posting anything in the last few month due to the depression of Project Eloy having failed. I’m sure most of you thought it wasn’t going to really get of the ground . Something like that just doesn’t work without cash to bribe animators with. Anyways been busy trying to make ends meet. Got some new Anime Reviews out so check the tab above for some recommendations I might have for you from this last season. And for those of you who don’t know I dropped Glasslip. It just didn’t interest me. It didn’t keep my attention AT ALL. I’ve been real disappointed with P.A Works lately (I miss Cannan).

Anyways I’ve also finished my Watch Dogs playthrough and as such is now under Game Walkthroughs here on the blog. And I’ve begun playing Alien: Isolation.




Haven’t been to disappointing with it other then the fact the Alien is FUCKING PERSISTENT AND ANNOYING! Seriously this mother fucker just kills you at the most randomnist of times. Its ridiculous!


Hentai Gif of the Week!


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September 12th Update – I’m Not Dead (but wish I was)

So I just want to let all 15 of my subscribers know that I’m not dead and haven’t giving up on this blog. I’m just waiting until I have something new actually finished to post.

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NOT in a good fucken mood!

You know that animator I said I had. Well turns out he stopped replaying to me a while ago so. I’m officially canceling the Eloy Fanime and am instead doing a motion comic I’m not going to give out any other info until I have something actually finished. A lot of other shit has happened but I’m not going to take the time to bitch about it on a blog.

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August 1st Update – A brand new month!!

I know I’m a day late! But its fucking August mother fuckers!! Squeeeee!! I’m unusually – and uncharacteristically – perky because I think I’ve officially gotten a third animator for Project Eloy. He’s on vacation and won’t be around to animate until around the 13th. Buuuut he said he’s wiling to do some animating free of charge. But keep in mind I have a “what can go wrong, well go wrong” attitude. Just something I’ve picked up over the years. But as it stands right now I would say things are looking up for team Eloy. Now I’m just worried about keeping my voice actors interested.

And that brings me to the abridged series I’ve decided to restarted. I’ve continued working on Kodomo and Dusk Maiden Abridged as well as Nobunagun Abridged all to keep my voice actors interested.

The status of each project are as follows:

Kodomo no Jikan Abridged 6: Script is finished. Waiting for a few roles to be filled.

Dusk Maiden Abridged 8: Script is finished. Awaiting lines from last voice actor.

Nobunagun Abridged 3: Script is done. Awaiting lines from last voice actor.


As for updates on other things. Well….its pretty scarce at the moment. I’ve finished my playthrough of Watch Dogs and am now simply pumping out an hour long play through episode per week on youtube. My next big play through is probably going to be The Evil Within since it’s coming out this month. With everything else I’m just experimenting. I’ve moved on from tinkering with RPG Maker VX Ace and have begun screwing with Game Maker: Studio. Once I’ve messed with that for a few months I’m going to go ahead and choose which software fits my wants the best.






And as for the Ravian web comic the last few pages of chapter one are in the rough sketch phase. I’m kind of irradiated by the amount of time it took. But I’m not one to rush the artist. I am asking for quality artwork while at the same time am completely oblivious as to the artistic process. I’m just writing the script.

Anyways, that’s s all for now! Ta ta!

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July 20th Update – No More Reviews!!

I know, I know! I’m late. I was busy getting my third and last review finished. My Knights of Sidonia review is up and ready for viewing. Sadly those pricks at youtube decided to blame it for minor copyright violations so the only place you can watch it is on my blog. And I’m saying right now that this is the last review I’m doing for last season. These take waaay to long to make. I’m going to try and reevaluate my tactics with these reviews. The commentary and research isn’t the problem. It’s combing through EVERY EPISODE to find a suitable match up with the commentary. That’s awfully time consuming and by the time it’s all done there are already several better reviews out there. From now on I’m going to make the videos while I watch the anime. Not just when I complete it. That makes a lot of episodes I have to go through to find a section relevant to what I’m talking about. So sorry but you won’t be seeing a No Game, No Life or Black Bullet review. I’ve wore myself out for this season. I’ll try to improve my methods when it comes to my reviews.

As for other things. To prove were working on Eloy Episode 2 I have some screenshots to show off. I’m trying to keep spoilers out. Mostly this shows you all of the characters you’re expected to see from here on out. I don’t really know when this well be done. If I can’t find a third animator soon it’ll probably be a few months.


If you want to help out with the series then it would help us out IMMENSELY if you could recommend some talented mmd animators to us. We are really hurting for some animator talent here.

And finally, I’m starting up Duisk Maiden and Kodomo abridged again since I’m paranoid that I’m going to loose voice actors if I don’t give them anything to do soon. So expect to see more Dusk Maiden and Kodomo abridged parodies in the future.


That’s all for now. More coming this friday…probably.

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June 27th Update – Money Makes the Projects Go Around

So as you probably know I skipped last Friday’s update because I was to busy trying to bring my friend to justice for stealing and pawning my PS4. While my efforts proved futile I thankfully got a new one and hooked up my Roxio with it. It set me back $560 but that’s a small price to pay I guess. For those of you who didn’t know I have the first two parts of my Watch Dogs play through up on youtube. As always it doesn’t have commentary because lets plays with commentary piss me off. I haven’t posted it on the blog yet because I usually wait until all the parts are done and upload them in order. Until then though you can always view them on my youtube channel.

I’m happy to say that Eloy Episode 2 has begun production. Been busy gathering materials. And since one of the animators quit the quality is probably going to go down immensely. But as I’ve said before Eloy isn’t going to be exactly what I want it to be with out crowd funding. But a shity little half assed MMD fanime isn’t going to compel people to fork over a few hundred dollar bills. Tiz the stigma of a non-profit fan parodies I guess. In other news I’m still in the midst of learning RPG maker. Scripting isn’t easy let me tell you. One can argue that there are a lot of open source scripts people are happy to let one copy and past into there games but I’m kind of trying to learn through commendable means.  If that doesn’t work out and I crumble I’ll start taking the lazy mans way out.

And some of you are probably wondering where the fuck Nobunagun abridged episode 2 is. Well the truth is one of my voice actors are procrastinating again. And it’s annoying seeing as everyone else has given me there lines except for this one person. It makes it a little annoying when only one person is holding a project back. But I can’t really help it. I’m not one to push people in these projects. I have no money to bribe them with so it’s to be expected.

And on the note of anime reviews. Expect an onrush of them coming soon since most of the anime from spring 2014 is nearing it’s end. There have actually been a lot of decent anime this season. With nicely animated Romance tales to epic CGI mecha space dramas. I can say that this has been a very satisfying season. Expect reviews of the following anime within the next month:

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